Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Spanish Twitter Update

  1. "What does algodón mean?" When they look at product description, and see 'composición: 100% algodón', they immediately know it means cotton
  2. Featured Product Ser With Adjectives Flashcards Get your students practicing descriptions with this…
  3. Estados Unidos salva a México. Panamá 2 - Estados Unidos 3.
  4. Teachers, do you know Verizon offers 18% off your cell bill? 15% for sprint. If you aren't getting these savings call them!
  5. Colombia has qualified for World Cup 1st time since 1998. Columbia has never qualified. via
  6. Use blubbr to create listening comprehension questions.
  7. Sería un Aztecazo eliminar a Mexico!
  8. Sponsoring Washington Association for Language Teaching fall conference No twitter/social media presence. Hope peeps in WA join us
  9. Current students with older siblings are asking me about "Sr. Cepillo". His legend precedes him. Lasting memories
  10. Ha. A student just shared this video with me. Cute: "Cámera oculta - Prueba de Fuerza de niños"
  11. Encouraged. Many students first attempt on pronunciation assessment is good. Won't need further attempts!
  12. You can watch and 's performances from PBS's AustinCityLive here:
  13. I use A+ for beyond expectations, A- for meeting expectations. Rubric out of 5:
  14. At home sick today, but able to write comments as students are working on google drive.
  15. Btw, Metástasis will be available on UniMas in the US. "Release is set for sometime in 2014." So in the next 4-16 months.
  16. Finding it ironic that the only trailer available for Metástasis (Colombian re-make of Breaking Bad) is in English!
  17. Creating Youtube Listening Comprehension Videos using
  18. If a task is really proficiency based, why do we say "You must use X number of Y grammar"? Why not just "complete the task"?
  19. according to 8th graders: "usar facebook" is OUT. "subir fotos a instagram" is IN.
  20. Students: "I actually really enjoyed this activity." "I'm surprised at what I could do" Get students talking!
  21. : A man asks his daughter, "What color is the wall?" She responds: "Pa, red!!"
  22. Sad that some think that embracing and honoring another culture is a bad thing. How do we change this mentality from our teaching?
  23. Love using "Nada que perder" by Maná in class. Great vocab, good message. 'En mi tengo que creer, Y nadie me va a parar"
  24. Compliment from student: "Señor, this class goes by so fast. I never even look at the clock."
  25. Easy for Costa Rica. My house address was "esquina suroeste del cementario, 50 m al oeste, 3ra casa mano izquierda" :)
  26. Wow! Awesome video of history of mexico/mexican sport in video But still....
  27. Love using Google Earth to show Students the house I lived in during study abroad and how far I walked to school.
  28. As students were working today, walked around and stamped their papers with Me Gusta Stamp.
  29. "Justice on Trial in Guatemala: The Rios Montt Case" released today by the International Crisis Group.
  30. Hoy es El Día del amor y la amistad en Colombia
  31. Yesterday was Talk Like a Pirate Day, here's a Ziggy en español comic to commemorate las piratas y sus loros!
  32. The name Gloria came up from a listening activity today and I couldn't help but sing the refrain from 1982's Gloria by Laura Branigan.
  33. Cuando tu vida imita a las canciones que escuchas. :(
  34. Peña Nieto da su primer Grito de Independencia (video)
  35. Feliz 15 de Septiembre,mi amado México!
  36. Please do not tweet every item you pin on pinterest. Clogs up people's newsfeed. Likely already following you on pinterest.
  37. Feliz Dia de Independencia, Costa Rica!
  38. Saw a sign for a "MOBING SALE" today. I can probably take a guess at what their first language is.
  39. Enjoyed a delicious Puerto Rican jibarito tonight.