Sunday, January 9, 2011

Online Flashcards: FL vocab

One of my favorite websites is where users can practice vocabulary and langauge learning using digital flashcards. I have been using this website for the last four years in my classes and have found it to be an excellent tool for my spanish students. Any foreign language teacher or ELL / ESL teacher needs to check out this site.
The site is completely free to use. Teachers can create “classes” that their students can sign up for (free for public K-12 schools/teachers). Teachers can upload vocabulary words, and add pictures and audio. Most words on the site have pre-loaded audio from native speakers so students can hear proper pronunciation. Students can even download the vocab audio to their mp3 players!
Teachers can assign specific drills to practice including translation, dictation, picture recognition, listening, and more. You can also create activities such as multiple choice, cloze activities, fill in the blank, and more (see pic)! Students get INSTANT FEEDBACK on their answers, and the ones they miss will repeat, so they practice the ones they don’t know even more.
vocab practice
All of my students have internet access as home so I have started using this website to assign homework to make sure my students practice their vocabulary. As a teacher you can see how long it took them to complete the assignment, which words they got wrong, and other information. If your student population does not have home access, take a trip to the computer lab. Be assured that every student will be engaged for the full class period.

Students DO need an account in order to practice your flashcards or to even create their own.
Download this FREE GUIDE on how to set this up for your class and students! Shows examples of different drills and flashcard lists. I hope your students enjoy this as much as mine do.

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