Monday, February 28, 2011

Proyectos para la clase de espanol

7 Ready-to-Use projects for the Spanish 1 classroom. These projects are ready to be utilized in your classroom. Download them now, print the necessary pages, and have your students get to work! These projects can be used as assessments during or at the end of the chapter.

Facebook Myspace Profile Description Project
Students will create their own ‘Facebook’ profile page that describes themselves in Spanish. This ‘perfil’ will include students writing about themselves, giving:
name, origin, birthdate, favorite activities, hobbies, movies, tv shows, comments from ‘friends’ and more. Includes list for common vocabulary/terminology used by Facebook.
Facebook Project for Spanish
PDF of Facebook Outline (Boxes set up so students to fill in their own information) and 2010 Microsoft Word document (.docx) Same as pdf, but editable. You can put on School’s Student server and have your students edit it or type their answers.
This projects makes a great review of descriptions that students learn in Spanish 1 and also an easy activity that a sub could do in class. Easy lesson plan. Use in case of emergency with sub or implement into your level 1 or early level 2 class. Although you can even use this in higher levels with ‘past participle” tense.
Doctor Skit (Projecto de Salud) with Rubric for Spanish
This project where students write a dialogue to act out a skit between a doctor and a patient works great with your “Health” (Salud) chapter. The skit (along with its attached rubric) assess students’ application of vocabulary, use of positive and negative commands, as well as reflexive verbs, body parts, and describing pain. This file is a word document so it can be easily adapted to fit your textbook’s requirements for this unit.
Spanish Speaking Country Research Project
Groups will research a Hispanic country in South or Central America. The student project includes a presentation board, map, travel brochure, and flag. Rubric is detailed but this file is a Word file so the buyer can EDIT any part of the project or rubric to their satisfaction.
Students must research their information and cite sources. This project is great for middle school or high school Spanish classes looking to teach about the countries and culture of the Spanish-speaking world.
Family Familia Album / Book Project W/ RUBRIC
Create a book about La Familia. Write descriptions about family members describing what they look like and what they like to do.

Food Project (Level 1) with Rubric

Project allows students the choice of making or performing one of the following: skit, recorded video, interview, comic strip, Children’s book, storyboard, or powerpoint. Great way to differentiate!
Project deals with: Food vocabulary, commands, Direct Objects Pronouns, and restaurant ordering vocabulary.

Spanish Advice Dear Abby Project

Students write a letter to Abbey describing a problem and then write responses to their classmates with advice. Students can use negative or positive commands in their responses.
Can be used with Health Unit or any other unit where the grammar focus is offering suggestions or giving commands and what someone should do.

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