Sunday, March 6, 2011

spanishplans Twitter Summary

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spanishplans : Comics

spanishplans : Free teaching resources

spanishplans : nueva tecnología? iJam - jámon presentado por Apple ~ #flteach #espanol

spanishplans : #teachers #teaching #education

spanishplans : Q: Why happened to the Spanish captain who said yes too much ill? A: He got sí sick!!! #flteach #jokes

spanishplans : How to incorporate Native Speaker Audio into your classroom: #flteach #wlteach #actfl

spanishplans : Need a timer for the classroom. Try this digital one!

spanishplans : Get native speakers to read any text! #flteach #wlteach

spanishplans : It must be near the end of the semester. I keep getting requests for extra credit #NoExtraCreditInTheRealWorld

spanishplans : He does it again! Great new song for past tense. #flteach #wlteach

spanishplans : Adivina #flteach Video Dictionary

spanishplans : Adivina es un dicionario básico d español n formato audiovisual con definiciones por niños

 spanishplans : Los Enanitos Verdes A Las 3

spanishplans : @tchr2tchr: Thursday Round Up #6 ~ Our Conversation Cards on sale now! check out other great teacher sale items

spanishplans : Our new shortened facebook url:

spanishplans : Song for past tense #flteach

spanishplans : Spanish Projects

spanishplans : YouTube commercials in Spanish

spanishplans : Mis Musicuentos: A collaborative project for our Spanish-teacher PLN [Comercials in espanol, w/ scripts]

spanishplans : Verb Word Wall

spanishplans : ~ Sesame Street in Spanish. Great clip for Food Unit. #flteach

spanishplans : @~EnsenoEspanol Let us know the link. Love to join you.

spanishplans : Going to be using iPod touches in the classroom tomorrow for 1st time for reading fluency. We shall see how it goes. #flteach

spanishplans : Some of our top Spanish Powerpoints #flteach

spanishplans : FREE how-to guide on using GarageBand to assess students' pronunciation/fluency #flteach #wlteach

spanishplans : Los Verbos Reflexivos

spanishplans : Spanish Idioms/Proverbs #flteach

spanishplans : Making Comics and Cartoons

spanishplans : 2 sites to make comics: & any other good ones out there?

spanishplans : Musica y Videos en la Clase: ~ #fleach

spanishplans : Love this Conjugation parody song ~ and this ~ #flteach

spanishplans : Hmm.... One step to making my computer and projector into a Smartboard.... Draw on any webpage via MarkUp #education

spanishplans : 15 great projects! #flteach

spanishplans : Teacher 2 Teacher: Have you heard of a Sqworl? Check out visual view of websites (Sqworl) here ~

spanishplans : Adivina Quien, Guess Who for Spanish for less than 3,

spanishplans : We've havin a sale! & dont forget 2 check the Thursday Roundup for other education products:

spanishplans : Love Spanish fútbol announcers . Listen 2 goal call and the remix #BOONBOOREE

spanishplans : Spanish speaking activities: #flteach #wlteach

spanishplans : Of course the fire alarm went off twice today (during an assembly no less)... It's the coldest day of winter. #brr

spanishplans : COMIDA:

spanishplans : Anyone use the series Expresate? #fb

spanishplans : Cognate Word Wall Bulletin Board: #flteach #fb

spanishplans : Teaching Adjective Agreement w/ Ser & Descriptions: #flteach

spanishplans : Chiste del día: Q: What kind of music does the sun like? A: Sol Music!

spanishplans : Featured in this week's email of 10 Free Downloads as member sponsor. #teacherspayteachers

spanishplans : Today's blog: create your own FREE ONLINE FLASHCARDS #flteach, #wlteach, #esl, #vocab, #fb

spanishplans : how many have seen this video? ~ Does that sound like your school too?

spanishplans : Emergency Sub Plans: #flteach #fb

spanishplans : Not sure what 2 do on the first day back 2 school? Have ur students ask ready to use questions. #flteach

spanishplans : New Spelling Rules in Spanish:

spanishplans : @icpjones

spanishplans: Not sure what 2 do on the first day back 2 school? Have ur students ask ready to use questions. #flteach

spanishplans: My gift to you this Navidad: Free Spanish proverbs and Idioms

spanishplans : Bell Work:

spanishplans : Spanish Speaking Oral Communication Conversation Activity

[SHIFT-CLICK=show full size, CTRL-CLICK=restore initial size] spanishplans : Food Vocab Bingo free Spanish lesson

spanishplans : Spanish Food Vocab

spanishplans : Excellent Book! Must have for Spanish teacher

spanishplans : Subject Pronouns:

spanishplans : My favorite Lesson:

spanishplans : @Juanes - P.A.R.C.E. - Cuenta regresiva para La Soledad, el proximo adelanto de #PARCE ~ via @~UniversalMusica

spanishplans : Chiste del dia: What is the sun's favorite type of music? A: Sol music!

spanishplans : Ser and Estar

spanishplans : Teachers, does this video sound familiar? ~

spanishplans : Subject Pronouns with Pictures:

spanishplans : 64 pages of Spanish worksheets, Projects, Games, Activities

spanishplans : Follow us on Facebook:

spanishplans : Chiste del día: What do you say when your father leaves to the city? A: Ciudad (see you, Daad)

spanishplans : Chiste del día: What did the chair say when leaving? A: Silla!

spanishplans : Take a look at my work:

spanishplans : Low vocab scores? Get students to actually study their vocab while practicing. Great student feedback on this 1:

spanishplans : Teaching Location Prepositions soon. Students love the location song! alaizquierda,aladerecha, delante, detras,cercaylejos,alladode,debajo..

spanishplans : chiste del día: What did Buzz Lightyear say when conjugating the second consecutive verb? To INIFINITIVE and beyond!!

spanishplans : Started a blog. Check it out.

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