Thursday, June 2, 2011

Spanish Resource Catalogue

-Ser Adjectives Hands on Activity Flashcards
-Tener Expressions + Feelings and Estar and adject. (answers included)

Spanish Games:
-Free Magic Squares Template
-Guess Who? Game Clue sheet for students
-Magic Squares Game: Verbs
-Food Vocab Bingo

Spanish Projects:
-15 Spanish Level 1 Projects
-Doctor Skit (Projecto de Salud) with Rubric
-Facebook Myspace Profile Description Project
-Facebook Projec
-Family Album/ Book Project W/ RUBRIC
-Food Project (Level 1) with Rubric
-Vocabulary Points
-Advice Dear Abbey Project

Spanish Comida Vocabulary:
-Food Project (Level 1) with Rubric
-Food Vocabulary Unit: Worksheets, Quiz
-Food Vocab Presentation
-Food Oral Partner Speaking Listening Activity Comida
-Food Vocab Bingo

Spanish Cuerpo Vocabulary:
-Body Parts Memory Game
-Body Parts Drawing for Listening
-Body Parts Project and Presentation

Spanish Preterite tense:
-Guided Notes for Preterite of ARVerbs FREE
-Preterite of -IR, -ER verbs
-Preterite Canciones Songs for Past Tense
-Preterite Powerpoint Past Tense
-Preterite Practice Preterito Whiteboard Act or Worksheet
-Preterite Pack: El preterito

Spanish Ropa Vocabulary:
-La Ropa : Clothing Unit pack

Spanish Subject Pronouns
-Teaching Subject Pronouns (5 pages)
-Teaching Subject Pronouns with Pictures
-Subject Pronouns Practice on Powerpoint

Spanish Speaking:
-Spanish Conversation Cards – Oral Speaking Activity
-Spanish Conversation Cards Level II - Oral Speaking Activity
-Spanish Conversation Cards Levels 1 & 2 - Oral Speaking Activity
-Pronunciation Assessment / Oral Speaking Test
-Food Oral Partner Speaking Listening Activity Comida
-Location words: Prepositions, preposiciones Interactive Lesson

Spanish Casa Unit:
-Chores Vocabulary student oral activity

Spanish Units and Spanish Full Lessons:
-Animals / Animales Unit 15 pages
-Reflexive Verb Unit Lesson Plan Packet
-La Ropa : Clothing Unit pack
-Preterite Pack: El preterito
-Ser and Estar Unit Lesson Plan Packet: (19 pages)
-Spanish I Resource Book of Worksheets

Spanish Bell Work:
-Canciones Songs for Bell Work
-Bell Ringers / warm ups / Class starters / Bell work

Expresate Spanish Textbook Resources:
-Expresate 1 Spanish Final Exam
-Expresate Chapter 2 Test (Adjectives, Gustar)
-Expresate Chapter 3 Test (gustar, ir, jugar, ar verbs) and Review
-Expresate Chapter 4 Files- 19 Documents, Worksheets
-Expresate Chapter 4 Test and Review Game
-Expresate Chapter 5 Files- 20 Documents, Worksheets
-Expresate Chapter 5 QUIZZES (vocab and grammar) family/house/chores
-Expresate Chapter 6 Files - Documents, Worksheets
-Expresate Chapter 6 Food Vocab Presentation
-Expresate Chapter 6 Test, Review Game, Study Guide
-Expresate Chapter 7 Test, Review Packet (with answers)

Spanish Reflexive Verbs:
-Reflexive Verbs Guided Notes packet
-Reflexive Verb Unit Lesson Plan Packet

Spanish Verbs Ser Estar:
-Ser and Estar Unit Lesson Plan Packet: (19 pages)
-Ser and Estar Unit Lesson Plan Packet: (19 pages) Editable
-Ser Estar Practice Review Powerpoint Whiteboards
-Ser Estar study sheet cheat sheet BOOKMARKS

Spanish Direct Object Pronouns:
-Direct Object Pronoun Notes and Practice Worksheet
-Direct Object Pronoun Practic

Spanish Commands
-Affirmative Informal Commands Powerpoint Notes
-Commands and Direct Object Pronoun Practice Powerpoint
-Positive and Negative Informal Commands Practice

Spanish Culture and Geography:
-Spanish Speaking Country Research Project
-Latin America: Central and South America Country Capital Quiz

-Wordchamp Online Flashcards HOW TO Free online flashcards
-Telling Time : Notes and Quiz
-Spanish Verbs Word Wall Bulletin
-Cognates List for Word Wall Bulletin

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